At Green Living Consulting, we are commited to helping businesses, organizations, and individuals adopt eco-practices that are good for people and the planet. Our philosophy is that if we all take on a few simple eco-practices, then together we’ll have a big impact on helping the environment.

We also believe that we need the earth to be healthy in order for us (humans) and other living beings to be healthy. We’re doing a great job of exercising our free will to consume everything, drive everywhere, and build anywhere. we can accomplish the same level of success by re-prioritizing a way of life that requires less stuff, that embraces things of value not volume, that is comprised of things sustainably grown, harvested, constructed, or manufactured, that uses less energy and conserves more water, and that allows us to breathe without risk of illness. We can do all this without compromising our quality of life. in fact, most people who live green have an even better quality of life because they are happy, healthy, and living more in balance with the earth.

Green Living Consulting provides practical, purposeful solutions that aim to be affordable and integrate easily into your daily work or personal life.

Visit our website www.greenlivingconsulting.com to learn more about how we can help your business or household create a healthier and greener environment while reducing your impact on the world and your wallet.

This blog provides green success stories as well as green guidance.  We work hard to help our clients achieve success in their green efforts whether it involves greening their office, or restaurant, or school…or ensuring they create a healthy, sustainable home for their family or loved ones.

our motto is:

be well. live green.


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